Ausgrid Trenches – Erkat ER450L

A leading Sydney Infrastructure Contractor was commissioned by Ausgrid to put an Erkat ER450L through its paces to trial new rock excavation techniques. Excavating the 530mm trenches for power cable renewal through Sydney suited the 450mm cutting width of the ER450L perfectly. Mounted on a Kobelco 135 excavator the operator was able to excavate 450mm through the middle of the trench and trim back the sides to effortlessly achieve the required trench width in Sydney sanstone. The ability to cut the trench perfectly to width eliminated overexcavation or the traditional V shape caused by using Hydraulic Rockbreakers. This low vibration technique allowed for work to be performed next to existing services eliminating the need for hand excavation, and the extremely low noise levels allowed night works without disturbing residents. Commissioned in September 2011 the cutter continues to be used for this application