Previous Projects

M2 Motorway Widening- Widening of the Norfolk Tunnels & Drainage trenches

M2 Motorway Widening- Barclay Rd Bridge

Lane Cove Tunnel - Cross passages & profiling

Chatswood - Epping rail tunnel - Profiling concrete & cross passages

Shannon Creek Dam - Profiling

Airport Link Tunnel - Profiling , Cross Passages, Services & Box Jacking Excavation.

Clem 7 Tunnel - Profiling & Cross Passages

Cross City Tunnel

Opera House Service Tunnel - Austramac Rocksaws & Erkats used

Pool Excavations - Used Extensively throughout Sydney to reduce hand excavation

Ausgrid- ER450 L (Longitudinal Cutter) Service trench excavation

Underhouse excavations across Sydney to eliminate chance of structural damage